Text book suggestions for Grade 4-7 Afrikaans

Some readers have asked me what text books I use. This post is in answer to those questions. I am using a few Afrikaans Text books in my planning. The one that I am using the most at the moment is Afrikaans Sonder Grense. I find it useful because it is user friendly and the Afrikaans isn’t that difficult. I also love the themes and the pace that the book follows. If you follow this book you need to know that they expect some fore knowledge on some aspects- but that’s why you have this blog to help you out!

Here are links to the books for each grade if you’d like to take a look:

Afrikaans Sonder Grense Grade 4

Afrikaans Sonder Grense Grade 5

Afrikaans Sonder Grense Grade 6 afrikaans sonder grense graad 6

Afrikaans Sonder Grense Grade 7 


What Text books do you suggest?