Dialoog/ Dialogue

A dialogue is a conversation that you write down. The way you write a dialogue in Afrikaans is exactly the same as you write it in English. You have a narrator (verteller) and characters. Below is an example of a dialogue. The knowledge of writing a dialogue is highly recommended for the Annual National Assessment.

Breaktime (Pouse)

Naledi: Hallo James, did you bring your ball to school today? Hallo James het jy jou bal skooltoe gebring vandag?

James: Hallo Naledi, yes I did. Do you want to play? Hallo Naledi, ja ek het. Wil jy graag speel?

Naledi: Yes please. Ja asseblief.

Jullia: Can I also play? Kan ek ook speel?

Naledi: No. We don’t want to be your friend! Nee. Ons wil nie jou vriende wees nie!

James: Naledi we cannot be rude. Let us play with her. Naledi ons kan nie lelik wees nie. Laat ons met haar speel.

Jullia: (Jullia is crying.) (Jullia huil)

Naledi: Don’t be sad. We are sorry for being rude. Please play with us. Moenie hartseer wees nie. Ons is jammer dat ons lelik was. Speel asseblief met ons.

Jullia: Thank you very much. Let’s go. Baie dankie. Kom ons gaan.


Write your own dialogue about something emotional. You are welcome to send it to me if you need help or want me to take a look.