Speech (continued)


In the previous blog I’ve conveyed ideas on preparing a speech.  Assessment of your child’s work is very important. This will help you to identify areas of development. The best way to do this is by using a rubric. In this way you can pinpoint these areas.

Below is an example of such a rubric. On the left you will find the different criteria and then you need to circle the mark you allocate for each criteria. You then add everything together and you’ll have your mark:

Kriteria (criteria) Nie bemeester (not achieved) Gedeeltelik bemeester (partly achieved) Bemeester (achieved)
Organisasie en aanbieding (organization and presentation) 1 2 3-4
Verstaanbare taalstrukture en taalgebruik (Language structures understandable) 1 2 3-4
Vermoe om idees betekenisvol te kommunikeer (Communicate ideas well) 1 2 3-4
Stemkontrole (voice control) 1 2 3-4
Liggaamshouding (posture) 1 2 3-4

Totaal 20/2= 10

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