Lente storie memo vocabulary

Vertaal die volgende woorde in Engels. Translate the following words in English.

This is a memo of this assessment.

  1. Dogtertjie- young girl
  2. Naam-name
  3. Oos Kaap- Eastern Cape
  4. Gekuier- visited
  5. Die-the
  6. Indwe- blue crane
  7. Bloukraanvoel- blue crane
  8. Tuin- garden
  9. Pragtig- beautiful
  10. Pampoen-pumpkin
  11. Tuingereedskap- garden implements
  12. Bedding- flower bed
  13. Gereed- ready
  14. Spit-spade
  15. Erdwurm- earth worm
  16. Nadat- afterwards.


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