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Keeping with our theme I will discuss methods to write a descriptive paragraph. When you write a descriptive paragraph you can think of it as if you are making a sandwich. For your “descriptive paragraph sandwich” you need two slices of “bread” and two toppings (I chose cheese and polony)


Step 1: Make a mind map about the topic.

Step 2: When you have your main ideas a good idea is to get a list of adjectives to include in your paragraph.

Step 3: Now you can start to build your sandwich. The first slice of bread will be your introduction. You need to think of a sentence that will catch the attention of the audience. This is also the introduction to your topic.


Step 3: The filling of your sandwich. You need to write one or two sentences about the topic. It is a descriptive paragraph therefore you need to add a lot of adjectives.


Step 4: The second slice of bread. This slice covers and ends your filling. It is also bread so it needs to say something that is the same as the first sentence.


Enjoy your sandwich!


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