Plurals in Afrikaans


In Afrikaans there are some words with plurals and some without. A guideline is that only names for things you can count gets plurals in Afrikaans (eg. Tomato, potato, cake etc.) For things you cannot count (you need to weigh it or use some other form of measurement) doesn’t have a plural (water, maize etc)


Singular Plural Doesn’t have a plural
Koffie (coffee)   Koffie
Tee (tea)   Tee
Tamatie (tomato) Tamaties  
Aartappel (potato) Aartappels  
Koek (cake) Koeke  
Vrug (fruit) Vrugte  
Melk (milk)   Melk
Tamatiesous (tomatosauce)   Tamatiesous
Perske (peach) Perskes  
Piesang (banana) Piesangs  
Olie (oil)   Olie
Brood (bread) Brode  

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