Interrogative pronouns/Vraende voornaamwoorde


When asking a question in English we use an interrogative pronoun. The same applies for Afrikaans.

When introducing the topic help your child to recall a pronoun’s function. It is to is to replacea noun or pronoun.  Without pronouns, sentences are could be akward.  Here’s an example.

Sarah was very happy because Sarah baked a beautiful cake.

See how much easier it is when you use a pronoun.

Sarah was very happy because she baked a beautiful cake.

Interrogative Pronouns.

Interrogative pronouns are used when you want to ask a question and is usually written at the beginning of a sentence.

  • Wie het kos gemaak? Who prepared food?
  • Wat het jy gemaak? What did you prepare?
  • Watter kind het pizza gekry? Which child had pizza?
  • Waarom is jy bly? Why are you happy?
  • Waarmee is jy klaar? With what are you finished?

When I was younger and had to do a project my mom always spoke about the five wise men:

  • wie (who)
  • wat (what)
  • waar (where)
  • wanneer (when)
  • hoe (how)

These five words are all interrogative pronouns. An idea to introduce this topic to your child can be to tell him/her about the five wise men and ask your child to answer these five questions when writing a paragraph or sentences about food. In this way your child will remember five interrogative pronouns and write a paragraph about a topic. Tomorrow I will talk about ways to prepare a speech. You ccould use the five wise men when preparing your speech.

If you need more exercises to practice interrogative nouns please let me know in the comments below.

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