Our first theme: Food


Hope you had a great day! For the next three months I am going to try to convey information to you that could help you to master some basic skills in Afrikaans. The aim of this blog is to help you as a parent to help your child with Afrikaans. I don’t have a blog yet aimed at children but might start one if there is a need. Your comments and feedback will be my guide to make this blog as useful to you as possible.

I am assuming that you have a basic knowledge of Afrikaans and Afrikaans vocabulary and I am starting at Grade 6 Afrikaans second language level. The easiest way for me to teach Afrikaans is to do it according to theme. This helps with building vocabulary and language skills and creates a ‘known environment’. The student then feels that there is something known in the unknown.

Here is the outline of the planned blogs for the next few weeks.

Theme 1: Food, cooking and recipes.

  • 21 July My own recipe. Introducing vocabulary. Introducing vocabulary.
  • 22 July Instructions How to give instructions and commands in Afrikaans
  • 23 July Question words How to use question words in Afrikaans
  • 24 July Speech: My own recipe. How to prepare a speech and assess it in Afrikaans.
  •  Plurals
  • ideas for reading

Have a great evening!


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