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As I said in my previous blog my first theme is going to be food. The reason why I chose this theme is because it is something we all have in common. When I introduce a new theme or vocabulary I try to go from the known into the unknown. For example I wouldn’t show my audience a picture of a fruit they’ve never seen before and then try to teach them the Afrikaans word for it.

Step 1: Decide on words that you would like to introduce. To help you decide on words look through the reading passages that you want to read with your child or in this case the recipes that you are planning to look at. Your child might have a favorite fruit or vegetable and you could include that. Fifteen to twenty words is appropriate for a start. More words can be introduced at a later stage. Your child might enjoy making his or her own dictionary. Any book can be used and the alphabet letters could just be added. (Covering and decorating the book could be a craft project)

Step 2: Once you’ve decided on the words you can give the words and the meanings to your child and look for pictures together and make a “Food poster”. You could also ask your child to find the words in a dictionary by themselves. It is very important that children should know how to use a dictionary from a very young age.

Step 3: For extension activities you could ask your child to make sentences with the words or flashcards to help them learn the words.

To help you get a head start I’ve made a list of words related to food.

English Afrikaans English Afrikaans
Potato Aartappel Pizza Pizza
Carrot Wortel Hamburger Hamburger (different pronunciation)
Onion Ui Chutney Blatjang
Beetroot Beet Tomato sauce Tamatiesous
Tomato Tamatie Macaroni Macaroni
Bread Brood Toast Roosterbrood
Margarine Margarine Fish fingers Visvingers
Butter Botter Eggs Eiers
Cheese Kaas mash Kapokaartappels
Mayonnaise mayonnaise Cup cakes Kolwyntjies
lettuce blaarslaai Fruit salad vrugteslaai

Hope you enjoy the theme. Talk to you tomorrow J



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